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Flow loop:Simulating Real Service Conditions For Geothermal

Fri, 18 September, 2020

GEOPRO’s aim is to produce a set of integrated knowledge based design and operation tools, i.e. flow assurance simulator, to allow the geothermal industry to explore, design and operate systems more effectively. As an essential part of GEOPRO’s approach, flow dynamics and scale experiments similar to those done in the oil and industry will be performed to validate the flow assurance modelling. TWI, with their experience of O&G practical flow assurance simulation and pilot scale equipment, will provide the design and build of the final verification and validation rig.

In particular, TWI will design and commission a high pressure flow loop that enable a great range of tests to be carried out in an environment representative of geothermal field conditions. The field validation will be carried out as case studies, simulating on site operational conditions of Zorlu, Insheim and potentially Reykjavik Energy. This unique facility will allow for the circulation of 2 phase fluid, containing saline solution with dissolved CO2 gas (liquid phase) and, saturated vapour and CO2 gas (gas phase), at pressures up to 40barg and temperatures up to 240°C. An important feature of the test rig is the ability to conduct experiments under realistic field conditions in terms of flow and mass transport. During the operation of the rig, the 2-phase fluid will be pumped through a pipe section under test and the temperature, pressure and flow rate will be monitored remotely. This facility will also include specific systems, which allow to perform direct enthalpy measurement, record via high speed transmission camera the different flow patterns and carry on line corrosion rate measurements.