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GEOPRO – Demonstration in Insheim, Germany

Thu, 02 April, 2020

Geothermal fluids can be highly aggressive depending on the concentration and nature of the dissolved chemical constituents. The chemical and physical properties of these fluids can therefore be critical factors in exploration, prediction and utilisation of geothermal resources. Fluid properties including heat capacity, conductivity, viscosity and induction of scaling can put serious constraints on planning and operation of geothermal facilities, therefore requiring comprehensive understanding of the inherent nature of these reservoir fluids.  

Project GEOPRO, aims to generate targeted advances in the understanding of geofluid characteristics with demonstrations of representative fluid-related issues in classical, high- and medium-enthalpy geothermal systems.

GEOPRO Validation in mid-enthalpy geothermal system

Insheim geothermal operation, Germany, representing mid-enthalpy geothermal system, is one of the three demonstration sites participating in Project GEOPRO. Operated by Pfalzerke Geofuture GmbH (PWG), founded in 2009, the plant is promoting geothermal energy in the Upper Rhine Graben.

GEOPRO workshop in Insheim

PWG recently hosted the consortium for a workshop to map existing geochemical data and models and identify gaps to provide information that meet the standards required by the operators of the geothermal facilities.